Article Architect Review|Complaints? Scam or Not?

Date Added: 10/09/2010

Reviewer: MelissaH

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Company Name: Jay Jennings

Whois Info: Public Alexa Traffic Rank: 270,218

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Product Description

Article Architect is a program that helps the user to easily write articles, and to promote them. The product was created by Jay Jennings, and allows the user to write an article, post it to a blog, post it to a website, and also announce the article on twitter all from the same program.

Detailed Overview

Article Architect has a lot of interesting features that make writing articles and posting them to blogs and different directories much simpler. The program costs a one time fee of $97, comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, and all future updates are free of charge.

One of the features that this program has is the overview page – allowing the user to see many things all at once, on the same page. Some of the stats found on the overview page are: the number of articles written, the number of articles submitted, page view stats, and the money generated off of the articles. The program also keeps track of the username and password for hundreds of directories, and makes posting the article to multiple directories a lot easier than doing it one at a time.

Another helpful feature offered by Article Architect is the keyword research. This feature allows you to see how keywords are being used it other competing Google sites. You can then save those keywords and/or phrases as use them for future articles. There is also an article title generator that will help you come up with a title for the article.


Article Architect greatly helps cut back on article writing time, which can cost the writer a huge chunk of valuable time. Speeding up the process of writing the article and getting it posted so that it can be seen and start to generate revenue is an important job, and Article Architect seems to be good at it. It’s really hard not to be amazed at all the extra little bonuses that the program comes with that makes the job of writing an article and promoting it a lot easier.

Feedback from site members (pros/cons)

Some positive feedback includes that the product is a huge time saver and helps greatly when you have a writer’s block and need help finishing up an article. Mental blocks can waste a lot of time, which makes Article Architect worth the cost if you could use that kind of help. Being able to work on multiple projects at the same time is also a huge advantage that this program offers. Website traffic is also being generated, helping bring in more revenue. The program is simple and easy to understand and use, making it ideal for anyone of any level of knowledge of computers.

The only drawback that can be found about the program is it’s price. There are more expensive programs out there, and the consumer has to weigh the cost of the program against the time and effort it will save them after receiving it. The program is also reported as not being very compatible with Windows 7.

Comparison to Free Site Signup

Article Architect and Free Site Signup are not quite the same products, but do offer some of the same help. Article Architect requires you to do some of the basic building of the websites you wish to post articles/blogs to, and it helps you generate those articles and promote them all from one spot. Free Site Signup helps you create a website and market it, but has nothing to do with helping you write the articles. I think which program you choose depends on your needs – whether you need more help getting a website up and running, or more help writing and promoting your articles.

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