Affiliate Marketing Online – Video Proof Exposes Secrets 2 Comments

Affiliate Marketing Online  – Video Proof Exposes Secrets

Do Not Attempt Affiliate Marketing Online Until You See The Video Below

It doesn’t take forever to figure out that when it comes to websites and affiliate marketing online there is a lot of hype. Word has gotten around that there is wealth to be gained in affiliate marketing, and the gold rush is online.  It’s important to not be overzealous and look for proof when someone claims to have a money making system.

In this post I’m going to give a brief introduction about Internet marketing for beginners, and prove to you that there is money in affiliate marketing online.  You will see how you can use free websites to generate an online income for yourself.  I’m going to show you what to look for when choosing products related to Internet marketing.

For beginners in Internet marketing it’s important to know how to determine which types of marketing work and which ones don’t.  Affiliate marketing online is profitable if done correctly. You’ll see how to compete with your free websites and maximize the profits from them.

If you do just a little research you will run into lies, online marketing scams and claims so exaggerated you wonder if anybody at all believes them.  There are so many over-hyped products marketed online how you can be sure which are real and which aren’t? You want to know this before you get started.

Who Profits From Affiliate Marketing Online?

There is no doubt that there is a lot of potential in making money online.  One only has to look at a site like and see there are money making websites being bought and sold daily.   There you will find online marketers whose only business is to build a money making website that generates income and then sell it for huge a profit.

That could be you too if you do it right. One of the best ways to build a business online is to take advantage of the free websites at  You want proof? It’s right here in the video.

This is the first of a series of videos exposing some of the exact sites we rank.

If you are smart you can visit these sites and with the right tools discover our methods.  If you are really smart you’ll save yourself the trouble and let us show you how we did it.  Let’s get started.

Affiliate Marketing Online 101

For those of you who are new I’ll give a brief recap.  With this knowledge you will get a better understanding of how easy it is to get started making money.

In affiliate marketing online you have basically four different players.  The merchant is the person who has a product to sell.  It can be any type of product but for the Internet, generally digital products are best because they can be sent over the internet so there are no delivery fees.

Also since they are digital, storage of your product is not an issue.  There are many advantages to having a digital product over a physical product.

There is a network, this is like the middle man for the merchant, they handle all related issues from payments and to promoting the merchants product.

The marketing agent is the independent business person that chooses a product to promote from the network.

Also of course there is the customer.  We all know what role they play.  They are the ones we depend on for our livelihood, the ones we cater too and strive to please so much they would never consider doing business with anyone else.  Right?

The marketing agent is in business for himself and he is like a franchisee of a merchant.  The agent generally pays no money to promote the merchants product.  The merchant only pays the agent for sales generated, relieving them of employee costs and taxes.

This is a great business arrangement because anybody, you or I, can be in business for pennies.  We don’t need to invest $100,000 for a turnkey business.  If done correctly you can latch on to an free website with a product that will make you just as much profit with little or no upfront investment.

Maybe you have an idea for a product?  Perhaps you will expand enough to build and market your own product?  You can realize those kinds of dreams with affiliate marketing online.

So that’s a quick Affiliate Marketing Online 101 course.

I’m going to follow up more in a later post.  In that post I will go over how to use free websites and how you can easily cash in on them.  We have shown you proof that there is money to be made in affiliate marketing online.  You have seen that many there are numerous methods for making money online.

You have seen that free websites are a popular method of getting a fast start in Internet marketing.  Now you can learn exactly how to get in on the cash pulling phenomenon.

In the next blog post we are going to show you how you can compete in affiliate marketing online.  It’s a gold rush and if anyone tells you it’s easy to compete they are misleading you.  It’s only easy if you know the right methods and somehow manage to find an instructor that is genuinely interested in your success.

So keep up with us.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get our latest announcements and updates.  We’ll keep you in the loop so you don’t get left out.

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Affiliate Marketing Secret Weapon 4 Comments

Today I’m going to give you my secret weapon when it comes to online marketing. This is a service I’ve been using for over a year now and it has been nothing but successful.

When it comes on marketing online, the oldest saying is “The Money is in the List”, which means that the biggest profits from online marketing come from your email list. This has and continues to be true. Nothing seems to work better than email marketing, but when you are just starting out, it can be pretty overwhelming, and time consuming, to do, and it seems impossible to build a large list.

Well this service we’ve been using for the last year makes ALL that easy. From building a list, to tracking your successes, to finding OTHER lists to email, it takes care of it all, so that you can maximize your profits and minimize your time invested.

Watch this video below, which by the way is going to be in our members section as well, and follow the link below to take advantage of this great service that has been my secret weapon in affiliate marketing.

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Make Money With Your Own Website, and Get Your Site To The Top Of Google 8 Comments

Our proven SEO strategy (available in our member’s area), has gotten a variety of websites, in a variety of niches to the front page of Google.

Take our site for example:

This site currently ranks #1 on Google for the search term Christian Debt Experts. You read that right, FIRST, on a keyword with 1.6 MILLION competing websites. is also Optimized for a variety of other search terms, which garner more than 20,000 searchers every month.

Make Money With A Your Own Website

There are tons of ways to make money with websites, but we only focus on the best, MOST EFFECTIVE methods, through ad views (and clicks) and affiliate marketing. What kind of money could you make with our program? With as our example, lets look at our possible revenue sources.

Ad Views and Clicks:

The average CPC (cost per click) for an ad on this site is $11, and the average cost per thousand views is around $6.50. Now, Google Adsense boasts a more than 5% click through rate for their ads, meaning that for every 20 visitors to your site, they say at least one will click on your ad.

Lets put these numbers into perspective, if you get 1,000 visitors every month (less than a 5% market share, so its easily obtainable), you will average $6.50 for the views alone, but the big money is in the click throughs. With 1,000 visitors and a 5% click through rate, you will be making $550 per month, with only a MINIMAL amount of work! Want to make more money? If you work just a little bit harder, and get another 1% of the market share, you can get an ADDITIONAL $110 per month! That’s not the only way to earn with our program though!

Affiliate Sales:

In our program, we also give you step-by-step tutorials on how to maximize your affiliate sales. One product that we sell on, goes for $24 and the company allows us to keep 75% of each sale! That’s $18 per sale! Granted, affiliate sales have a lower conversion rate than ad clicks (with an easily attainable percentage being 2%), but with the 1,000 visitors from the last example, that still $360 per month! Combined with the income from ads, its easy to see how viable our program is.

Work with the best

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